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上传时间:2021-04-13 浏览次数:10

主    题: On the Bounded Real Lemma for Positive Systems: A Symmetric Cone Viewpoint

报 告 人: 沈俊(教授) 南京航空航天大学

时    间2021413日(周二)15:00-16:00


Positive systems are dynamic systems evolving within the nonnegative orthant given nonnegative input and nonnegative initial state. The mathematical foundation can be traced back to the celebrated Perron-Frobenius Theorem developed in the early 19th century, however, not until the past two decades, this area has drawn much attention from researchers in different disciplines. Applications of such peculiar type of systems have been found in gene regulation, compartmental networks, population evolution, and power control of wireless sensor networks. In this talk, we first provide some motivating examples to study positive systems, and then introduce their peculiar characteristics from a system and control perspective. Our focus will be put on recent analysis results on positive systems, and in particular, the bounded real lemma for positive systems.


沈俊,博士,南京航空航天大学自动化学院教授。IEEE高级会员,美国数学评论评论员。本科,硕士毕业于东南大学数学系。2015年博士毕业于香港大学机械工程系。同年入职南京航空航天大学自动化学院,2020年破格晋升教授。近年来主要从事正系统、单调系统、鲁棒控制、网络化系统领域的研究工作。2019年以第一完成人获中国自动化学会自然科学二等奖。主持国家基金面上项目、江苏省优秀青年基金等科研项目。目前担任Journal of the Franklin Institute, IEEE Access, Cogent Engineering, IET Journal of Engineering等期刊的副编或编委。

会议时间:2021/04/13 15:00-16:00 (GMT+08:00) 中国标准时间 - 北京



会议 ID462 959 622